Founder & Creator // Andrew Matusik


Andrew Matusik, began his photographic "journey" during his extensive travels through out his twenties.  He started his photographic "career" in LA, first working as a photographer's assistant to renowned European photographer Neil Kirk from 2000 to 2004. 

He moved to New York in 2004, and has since shot advertising campaigns for Time Warner, MTV, Rimmel U, Related, MIMA, Matrix, Randolf Duke, Physician's Formula, and FOX television among others. He has been a producing editorial and celebrity content for magazines for over 10 years, including Italian Vogue, Shape, Vibe, Vixen, Harpers Bazaar Asia, GenLux, Entertainment Weekly, Lucire and Zink; published in the New York Times, Popular Photography and his unique style has been featured in both APERTURE magazine and After Capture.  In total he has published over one hundred fashion stories for over 24 publications with 20 covers and 2 books. His runway work has also been published in over 54 worldwide publications including Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, Paris Match Vogue-Brazile,, In addition Matusik has photographed over 50 celebrities including Ellen Page, Zachary Quinto, John Nobel, Nathan Fillion, Bree Lawson, EVE, RZA, Kelis, Terry O' Quinn, Elisabeth Mitchel, Milo Ventimiglai, Paris Hilton, Huge Dancy,  Hilary Duff, Gal Gadot, Sarah Shahi, Denise Richards, the Jersey Boys and Ashley Tisdale. 

Matusik additionally founded and established one of the world's first premiere postproduction houses, Digital Retouch with Stewart Price.  Digital Retouch has been a forceful contributor to the industry's technical transition to digital as well as the cover transition from super models to celebrities. Digital Retouch has been hired by over 75 publications including, Italian, British, Russian, Greek, Spanish, and French Vogue, Elle, GQ, InStyle, and Interview. Digital Retouch has produced 74 covers, and retouched over 90 celebrities, including such "A" list staples such as Jennifer Lopez, Scarlet Johansson, Natalie Portman, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Ann Hathaway, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Garner, Justin Timberlake and much, much, more...


Brand Architect // Sunni Spencer


Sunni Spencer is a brand architect with over 18 years of fashion industry experience and impact.

With a unique business approach, she guides fashion & lifestyle brands, corporations, and industry influencers with strategic advice to drive excellence and amplify revenue.

Consulting services include:


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