Andrew Matusik has been bi-coastal Fashion Photographer since 2004; Living in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris.  Andrew moved to the photo district in Chelsea 10 years ago to a beautiful penthouse studio loft.  Also maintaing a house in Marina Del Rey California and an apartment in Ile Saint Louis in the heart of Paris.  Each of these living experiences greatly influenced the design and DNA of the build out of the Loft at 333 Park Ave.  When Andrew found The Loft, he had no idea it was in the same building his New York Mentor Jerry Schatzberg had had his studio for over 10 years.  Jerry was the first artist to make 333 his live work space and started a tradition of creatives occupying and working out of what was once the original Tiffany Glass factory.  Jerry made the space legendary, artist ever since have made it a tradition that 333 Park Avenue would be known as a home for innovators and creatives. Andrew Matusik has been handed the torch and is proud to carry on this tradition.

 A labor of love a project driven by vision, engineered to balance  photo production and luxury, a dinner party for 50 , or a charity event for 100.  Mixing modern lines, traditional elements and French inspired decor.   Andrew has struck a balance of a Urban industrial / modern loft and a Parisian Salon while all being framed in traditional colonial early American.  

The Loft at 333 Park Ave is a transformative space for transformative people.  Designed to bring together those who aspire to inspire.  A place where great ideas are hatched, collaborated, and constructed.  The space transforms from a living space, to a production facility, to a banquette hall a gallery, a photo studio and then a Parisian salon/lounge with ease.  Every inch is utilized and all elements are designed to maximize, transform, or function in three or four capacities.  It is a white pallet, a canvas waiting to be painted, stories to be made and told.  

This is Studio 333 on Park Ave.

1960s Jerry Schatzberg first to use 333 Park Ave as a creative space

1960s Jerry Schatzberg first to use 333 Park Ave as a creative space

... and in the beginning